2 tricks to ward of the spell of Halloween candy temptations

2 tricks to ward of the spell of Halloween candy temptations

Double, double toil and trouble

cauldron burn, and fire bubble

eat the candy, ass will double

I might have added that last verse, but I’m sure Shakespeare will understand…

Prepare for Success

It’s that time again!  Candy season!  And so we commence two months of back to back temptations, be it Halloween candy, holiday parties, Thanksgiving leftovers… you name it.  Instead of overindulging and packing on that winter padding for the umpteenth time, let’s try some easy tactics to maintain or even lose weight as we say goodbye to 2013.

First up to bat: Halloween.  Oh Lawd! the candy is just…everywhere.  In bulk.  For cheap.  It is really easy to throw a bag or two of those bite sized temptations in your cart pretty much anywhere you go.  And you don’t want your house to get toilet papered by angry goblins and ghouls who are hopped up on sugar…so you need to buy some epic candy for Halloween, right?  Not so fast…

Trick 1: Delay that candy purchase

Wait until Halloween day to buy candy for those cute trick or treaters.  You can’t be tempted by bags of candy that don’t exist.  Plus it will probably be on sale since all the stores will already be making room for Christmas decorations.  In fact where I live there is a face off between the Halloween décor and the Christmas lights, which is beyond disturbing.  But anyways…

Trick 2: Buy something else

Buy the Halloween sized play dohs, laser finger beams (yes, apparently this is a thing), bouncy balls, etc.  Check websites like Oriental Trading Company and Amazon for bulk deals, just be sure you will get the goods before Halloween.  This is an especially great option for families of kids with severe food allergies.  If you know any allergy families be sure to tell them your house is a safe stop to show off their adorable costumes!

BOO! Bonus Trick:

So you are ready to make a plan for how to deal with Halloween night, be it a day of candy purchase or a non-candy planned ahead route.  Now you just have to avoid all that candy everyone else buys and tries to share.  You don’t have to be a totally miserable buzz-kill every time a candy is offered.  If you seriously enjoy candy corn and bite sized kit kats you should have one and truly take a moment to enjoy it.  It’s when you mindlessly scarf down five every day (or every hour…just me?).  But first ask yourself: do I really like these or do I just want one because it is here?  We have programmed ourselves to eat crap on autopilot, especially when it is free.  The sooner you realize that you do not need to take something just because it is free and readily available, the sooner those skinny jeans are going to be a little loose.  Think about it… #gamechanger  

Do you have any  tricks to stay away from the Halloween candy?  Share in the comments, we’d love to hear!





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