Halloween Fun with Toddlers: Felt Pumpkins

Halloween Fun with Toddlers: Felt Pumpkins


Felt Pumpkin FacesHalloween is coming!  You know what that means, the smell of pumpkin guts, empty candy wrappers everywhere, costume decisions, and lots of fun for the whole family!  Fall is a great time to have some easy activities stashed in the house for those days of crappy weather.  Bonus points when you can sneak in some learning.  The activity is great for toddlers, but older kids might be interested too.  You can help to develop their language and vocabulary, emotional understanding, creativity, AND have fun in the process while keeping to a Halloween theme.  



For a couple of dollars (literally 44 cents at my store) and about ten minutes prep time you can create a fun toddler craft for Halloween. 


Supplies Needed:

1 orange felt sheet

1 black felt sheet


Optional: FREE stencils

You can buy the felt sheets at any craft store.

Felt pumpkin face supplies


Click Here if you want a pumpkin shape stencil to print off, otherwise you can freestyle your own pumpkin shape.  Use the orange felt and cut out your pumpkin.

Cut out various triangles, circles, mouths, etc out of the black felt, here is a template if you’d rather not think about making your own shapes at the moment.  Older kids can help cut out the shapes to make this a family activity.

Lay out all the black face options and the blank orange pumpkin and let your toddler experiment with creating different faces.  Let them go wild!  There is no right or wrong way to make a face.  


Paper pumpkins

Sneak in some learning:

Talk about the different facial expressions your child creates and the emotions that correspond- this will help them learn new vocabulary as well as better understand the concept of feelings and expression.

  • See who can make the silliest face, this will inspire creativity and imagination.
  • Ask your child to pick two round eyes, or one triangle nose, etc.  This will help teach counting , shapes, and vocabulary.

 We want to see your pumpkin faces in action, take a picture and post it to the FB page, Google+, or Twitter and we’ll share it!





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